Learn Jazz Guitar Without Modes or Scales

The 21 minute video below will serve as a test drive to introduce  the Robert Conti No Modes No Scales® approach to teaching and playing jazz guitar. In addition to the video, we encourage you to complete the short form at the bottom of this page to receive a complimentary PDF of the lesson solo transcription. Enjoy and give yourself a pat on the back for finding this resource!

A Message For Jazz Guitar Students

Are you dissatisfied with your playing after years of practicing, spending a small fortune on books, videos and lessons from an army of self-proclaimed experts and legends preaching scales, modes, secret systems non musical nonsense? If those circumstances are familiar, please read on, you’ll be glad that you took the time.  Perhaps like the members of our production staff, you’ve also noticed the seemingly endless number of websites attempting to sell jazz guitar educational products with a variety of claims such as “secrets to be revealed”, “miracle systems” “learn theory” “ultimate program” “learn scales and modes” etc.

Who Can Actually PLAY Jazz Guitar?

In our ongoing pursuit of producing the highest quality jazz guitar DVDs available, we have made some interesting observations. In nearly all of those sites there is one extremely important element that is noticeably absent or more than likely, intentionally omitted. Doesn’t it stand to reason that any competent educator would be more than happy to present videos demonstrating their ability to actually play what they claim to be able to teach you to play in their promises? Certainly easy for anyone to compile , even with an inexpensive video camera. Rather than providing real substance in the form of video, the reader is so overwhelmed with ad copy that by the end the page, he/she essentially convinces themself that the subject product must work. Buyer Beware!

The undeniable proof of talent is always in the playing, as no guitarist can teach you to play what he/she is unable to play. As demonstrated in this and several other videos, the skill of Robert Conti is the clear result of the data presented in his DVDs and books. Every legitimate pro can present a well-documented history of DVDs, published Books, CDs and generally a website with numerous videos, major press notices and customer comments.

Reasonably Accepted Logic Dictates:

  • If you required heart surgery, wouldn’t you verify the surgeon you selected was actually qualified?
  • Would you be comfortable boarding a jet plane with a student pilot flying the plane?
  • Why then, would you choose to buy a guitar learning product from someone who offers no verifiable credentials?

One of our students said it best:

"Every musician and teacher begins with the same musical information like notes, key signatures, chord families and so on. Mr. Conti has mastered the art of effective teaching because every one of his DVDs or chord melody arrangements allows me to leave the table with music that I can play for my friends and more frequently, an audience! Thank you!"

—Nathan Long - Santa Ana, CA

Before investing in any product to improve your skill, we urge you to make your choices based on reliable and non-negotiable requirements - don't settle for anything less from anyone. There is only one certain method to identify a quality learning product - in two words, verifiable credentials. As you can verify through voluminous press reviews and customer comments, Robert Conti is the rare combination of a world-class player who is as equally skilled as a teacher who can place music under your fingers quickly.

His ability to deliver powerful information is well documented and certainly obvious by the availability of 30 jazz guitar DVDs as the result of student satisfaction.

Visit RobertConti.com for high impact effective jazz guitar learning and discover a guitarist who is unquestionably at the very top of the game as a performer and educator. You’ll also discover that he is willing to share his knowledge and more importantly, as verified by hundreds of bona fide customer testimonials, Robert Conti is ABLE to teach YOU a truckload of valuable and immediately useful “take it to the gig tonight” information.

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